League Honors


International Hockey League Honors (1994-2001)

Turner Cup (1998), Turner Cup (2000)

Conference champions
1998, 2000, 2001

Division Titles

Andy Mulligan trophy (Executive of the Year)
Don Levin (1999-2000)

John Cullen Award (Comeback Player of the Year)
Steve Larouche (1999-2000)

Leo Lamoureux Memorial Trophy (Regular-Season Scoring Champion)
Rob Brown (1995-96)
Rob Brown (1996-97)
Steve Maltais (1999-2000)
Steve Larouche (2000-01) (tie)

N.R. “Bud” Poile Trophy (Playoff MVP)
Alex Semak (1998)
Andrei Trefilov (2000)

Ironman Award
Steve Maltais (2000)

IHL Man of the Year award (Outstanding Community Service)
Tim Breslin (1996-97)
Chris Marinucci (1998-99)
Wendell Young (2000-01)

PR Staff of the Year
Jenni Parmalee/Judd Sirott/Brian Pitts (1996-97 West)

First All-Star Team
Steve Maltais (LW, 1994-95)
Rob Brown (RW, 1995-96)
Rob Brown (RW, 1996-97)
Steve Maltais (C, 1998-99)
Steve Maltais (C, 1999-2000)
Niklas Andersson (RW, 2000-01)
Steve Larouche (LW, 2000-01)

Second All-Star Team
Steve Maltais (LW, 1995-96)
Steve Maltais (LW, 1996-97)
Chris Marinucci (RW, 1998-99)
Tom Tilley (D, 1998-99)
Dallas Eakins (D, 1999-2000)
Bob Nardella (D, 1999-2000)
Niklas Andersson (RW, 1999-2000)
Steve Larouche (LW, 1999-2000)


American Hockey League Honors (2001-present)

Calder Cup (2002), Calder Cup (2008)

Robert W. Clarke Trophy (Western Conference Championship)
2002, 2005, 2008

John D. Chick Trophy (Midwest Division Championship)
2005, 2008, 2010, 2012

Les Cunningham Award (Regular-Season MVP)
Darren Haydar (2006-07)
Jason Krog (2007-08)

Jack A. Butterfield Trophy (Playoff MVP)
Pasi Nurminen (2002)
Jason Krog (2008)

Dudley (red) Garrett Memorial Award (Outstanding Rookie)
Brett Sterling (2006-07)

Willie Marshall Award (Leading Goal Scorer)
Brett Sterling (2006-07)
Jason Krog (2007-08)

John B. Sollenberger Trophy (Leading Scorer - Regular-Season)
Steve Maltais (2002-03)
Darren Haydar (2006-07)
Jason Krog (2007-08)

Yanick Dupre Memorial Award (AHL Man of the Year)
Kurtis Foster (2003-04)

James H. Ellery Memorial Award (Outstanding Media)
Chicago Wolves/Comcast Cable (TV, 2003-04)
Mark Giangreco/ABC-7 Chicago (TV, 2006-07)

Ken McKenzie Award (Outstanding Promotion of a Club)
Courtney Mahoney (2008-09)

President’s Award (Excellence In All Areas Off the Ice)
Chicago Wolves (2009-10)

Sponsorship Department of the Year Award
Chicago Wolves (2009-10; 2010-11; 2011-12)

President’s Award (Excellence In All Areas Off the Ice)
Chicago Wolves (2009-10)

Western Conference Community Relations Award
Chicago Wolves (2011-12)

Western Conference Outstanding Fan Experience AwardChicago Wolves (2012-13)

James C. Hendy Award (AHL's Outstanding Executive)
Mike Gordon (2012-13)

Western Conference Top Ticket Salesperson
Stefanie Evans (2012-13)

First All-Star Team
Travis Roche (D, 2004-05)
Brett Sterling (LW, 2006-07)
Darren Haydar (RW, 2006-07)
Jason Krog (C, 2007-08)

Second All-Star Team
Steve Maltais (LW, 2003-04)
Kari Lehtonen (G, 2004-05)
J.P. Vigier (RW, 2004-05)
Nathan Oystrick (D, 2006-07)
Brett Sterling (LW, 2007-08)
Joel Kwiatkowski (D, 2007-08)
Darren Haydar (RW, 2010-11)