Cassie Lew

Breed: Golden Retriever Mix

Owner Name: Michelle Rabiak

Adoption Year: 2009


Adoption Story:
I always check out the dogs, never looking to adopt but I am a sucker for golden retrievers. A friend of mine saw her and told me and I said I didn't see one. She said it had a shaved body, which I saw, but only the body. The head and tail were blocked by people. After the period, I went and looked for her and when I saw her face, well, I knew she was mine. Her name was Shannon at the time. Needless to say I did the paperwork and went home with her. Shannon didn't flow well and in a day I came up with Cassie. My animals all have middle names and a friend came up with Lew for Grant Lewis, my favorite hockey player. Had to tie hockey to her somehow, LOL. She was almost 1 when she was adopted, now 4 yrs old, 3 years with us. She had some aggression in the beginning like a Chow, but got rid of that within a year. Cassie is the best thing and makes a wonderful addition to our family!

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